iPod Battery

I got my 5G iPod about 2 years ago, and use it extensively. All day at work in the summer, days when I’m waiting on campus for hours on end, etc. However, it really started to annoy me as the battery began to only last a few hours, sometimes less. Sadly, that’s how things go with Lithium Ion batteries; they begin to lose their capacity after about 500 charges.

So I looked around the internet and found iPod Juice, who sell iPod batteries and provide instructions on how to change the battery yourself. I got the kit a few days ago and got around to doing the surgery 2 nights ago, as my battery failed once more. The surgery was a success, it was pretty easy to do and didn’t take that long.

After the surgery and charging the iPod, I took it to school with me yesterday. I ended up not going home between my classes and spent 6 hours on campus listening to my iPod. It worked phenominally and barely broke a sweat. Basically, the iPod Juice battery was easy to install and worked awesomely. Thumbs up from me!

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