Exporting OmniOutliner files to Markdown

Over the past year, I’ve been learning to use two programs for nearly everything I do. The first is OmniOutliner Pro, which I used to take notes in my University lectures. Its outlines fit well with how my lectures were presented and my note-taking style, making it a near perfect tool. For non-note taking, I’ve been using John Gruber’s Markdown, which provides a simple formatting syntax, which is clear and easy to read before it’s processed, and a processor to convert the plain text into HTML.

I often use Markdown for quick note taking and even some long form writing (I’m using it to write this post, for instance). I love Markdown because all its files are just plain text; OmniOutliner’s files, while rather open, can’t come close to the openness of Markdown. Were something to happen to the Omni Group, or I were for some reason unable to use OmniOutliner, I’d like to be able to access my notes. What I really wanted was a way to get all of my school notes, stored in OmniOutliner format, exported to Markdown syntax. Continue reading Exporting OmniOutliner files to Markdown